Mt Remarkable and Alligator Gorge


One weekend Pete and I wanted to take a short getaway. Pete had just finished building a gimbal for the camera and wanted to test it out. I just wanted to explore somewhere new. We booked ourselves a one-night stay in a cabin at Melrose Caravan Park and drove up from Adelaide on Saturday morning.

Melrose is a small town in the lower Flinders Ranges (South Australia). I’m a massive fan of the Flinders Ranges region, and Melrose is one of my favourite towns in the area. It’s small, but has some great little cafes and accommodation options, as well as being a gateway to exploring the Mount Remarkable National Park. At only four hours from home, it’s also easy for a short trip, where other parts of the Flinders Ranges require a lot more driving.

We were able to check into the cabin early, left our stuff and went for a walk in the Mount Remarkable National Park via the entrance across from the caravan park. We followed the Melrose Nature Hike to view Cathedral Rock and filmed the scenery along the way. Here’s a quick little clip of the area.

We then hopped in the car and drove about 30 minutes north to Alligator Gorge, at the northern end of the Mt Remarkable National Park. We arrived around 3pm, which was a great time of day because we ended up having the whole place to ourselves! We were free to roam, explore and enjoy the stunning scenery just the two of us.

I cannot emphasise how much I love Alligator Gorge. It is a stunning area, with a beautiful mix of trees, ferns and mosses, flanked by the vibrant red gorge with a gentle creek running through it. It feels every bit as ancient as it is, with the kind of weathered and wise vibe that many Australian landmarks and landscapes have.

We stayed as long as we could and walked until the sun began to set. We then drove back to the caravan park for the night, keeping careful eye on the kangaroos and euros lining the road, and flock of cockatoos which covered the highway at times.

I highly recommend taking the trip to Melrose and Alligator Gorge. It’s not too far from Adelaide and can be done as a one night quick trip for when you need to get out and enjoy nature.

– -Lauren

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