Iceland: What to see and do in Reykjavik

I’ve had some amazing holidays and seen a lot of wonderful countries in my time as a traveller, but not many have captured me as Iceland did. From Reykjavik’s quaint cool to the weird and wonderful landscapes, and awesome locals, Iceland has a special place in my heart. It all began when I was travelling … Continue reading Iceland: What to see and do in Reykjavik

Sunny Saturday morning

There's nothing better than sunny Saturdays spent with loved ones. This morning we took our foster dog, Roy, for his first visit to the beach at Seacliff. We're lucky to have such gorgeous beaches so close to home, and loved meeting all the dogs and their owners along the way (Roy did too, of course!). … Continue reading Sunny Saturday morning

Mt Remarkable and Alligator Gorge

  One weekend Pete and I wanted to take a short getaway. Pete had just finished building a gimbal for the camera and wanted to test it out. I just wanted to explore somewhere new. We booked ourselves a one-night stay in a cabin at Melrose Caravan Park and drove up from Adelaide on Saturday … Continue reading Mt Remarkable and Alligator Gorge